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10:13pm 10/06/2009
Contemplating running the Boston Marathon next year. Every part of myself which is usually screaming "NO, YOU MORON, WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU THINKING?" isn't, but I'm still not sure.

It will take about 6 months of training to prepare, and I'm not aiming to qualify, that would be too polling as to get good enough to qualify would take quite a while, and if I didn't I'd be screwed, not to mention in order to qualify you need to run another marathon.

If I do it I'll most likely be running for Dana Farber cancer research, as a charity event.

I'll 100% do it if Big T does it with me.
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Ender's Game  
02:19pm 10/06/2009
Finally read it, next up is Ender's Shadow, which I've heard is better!

Spoiler Free Angries:
One thing which made me a little angry as I read through it was this line from about 3/5ths of the way through the book (it's not really a spoiler).

Ender knew a moment's pleasure.
Everyone had learned the wrong lesson from Bonzo's misuse of Ender Wiggin.

It wasn't Bonzo's misuse of him that this passage refers to, it is Rose the Nose's. I -hate- it when Authors mix up the details of their own books especially in those very books themselves.

What disappointed me more than angered me was the way it was written. I really didn't like the style. Everything was light, which was good because it left the details up to the reader, but it was also shallow and unpleasing in many regards. There is a rich, vibrant, and fascinating world, the depths and details of which will forever remain a mystery (unless they're revealed in the other seven books).
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05:16pm 04/06/2009
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This isn't my story, but I'm going to tell it as if it were  
09:11pm 27/05/2009
This is one of my dad's favorite college stories, about how he met his friend Mark.

It was the second day of school, my dad was doing something near the entrance to his dorm. The hallway leading to one of the main dorm branches was connected on each side by a short staircase which went down maybe four or five steps, and the ceiling also declined with it. So to make that clear, you went down a few steps and then were in a typical dorm hallway. My dad's room was a few doors down from this incline, so to leave his dorm and go outside he'd have to up the steps. His neighbor, some guy with a gigantic head, had taken to saving time getting back to his room by jumping down the short staircase. However on this faithful day, everyone discovered why this was an absolutely retarded idea.

Gorilla head comes barreling into the dorm building and starts booking it to the hallway as my dad gets up to go get something from his room. This guy is traveling at a full sprint and leaps into the air to (presumably) jump down the staircase and keep his momentum. However, he had severely misjudged this action. The guy's head slams into the declined ceiling with incredible force, his legs swing forward out in front of him, grazing the ceiling, and the man falls sharply on his head and slides several feet down the hallway. His head was scraped very badly and blood slowly began to pool onto the floor.

"Holy shit, what just happened?"
"Oh my god. He just died. He's dead."
*some girl throws up*
"This is terrible... that kid just died."

Frightened, confused, and bewildered as to what action to take, a group of college students gathered around to gawk, scream, and cause a commotion.

"Someone should call a paramedic, maybe he's still alive."
"There's NO WAY that guy is still alive, you saw what happened, that's a corpse"
*the girl throws up again*

The banter went on for somewhere between two and ten minutes, and then just as mysteriously as the ordeal began, so too did it end. Like Lazarus rising from from grave, the melon-size-headed man jerked upwards as if some puppeteer were pulling the strings on a marionette, the man awkwardly rose to his feet.

"Hey guys, what's wrong, you look like you've just seen a ghost!" chimed the man.
"Uh, are you okay?" asked my father.
"Yeah, sure, fine, but I'm going to be late to football practice unless I grab my stuff and head out now, I'll see you later."
"Yeah, okay, I'll see you later... Mark right?"

And with that, the guy ran to his room, completely ignoring the trailing blood, grabbed his football gear, and ran off.

"How the hell did that guy not die?" someone questioned.
"I have no idea, but he seems like an interesting guy."

And that's how my father met one of his best friends, whom we still go visit every few months, and this story comes up every time.

Dan: okay, that story's not funny. head injuries by jumping into low hanging ceiling obstacles is a major issue facing students today.
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04:45am 28/04/2009
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Ericisms Volume 1 - Creating Mellifluous Sobriquets  
11:46pm 15/04/2009
Each sobriquet involves its use in a sentence, as spoken by Eric.

Computational Discrete Mathematics (CDM) ~> Ericified ~> Siddem:

We're going to go do siddem.

Graphics ~> Ericified ~> Jiffex:

I can't go to Fuddruckers today since I'm grading jiffex.

Operating Systems ~> Ericified ~> Oss / Ossing (Pronounced awes as in awesome):

Oss Oss Oss Oss, OSSSSSSSSS.

Constructive Logic ~> Ericified ~> Clogic:

Take Clogic 'cause Pfenning is teaching it!

Zetorux emulating Eric:
Best Friends Forever (BFF) ~> Ericified ~> Biffs

Eric should biff the hardcore daughter.
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Hmm, go home for Carnival?  
05:31pm 15/04/2009
Should I? lol

Edit: Going home!

Also lol:

Big T: Uhhh, want to work on Sengy alone... together?
Tubbers: Heck yes I do

Edit: Moar

Big T got an email from our Sengy TA, here was his response:

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Tamirisms Volume 1 - b  
03:38pm 15/04/2009
Quantifier of b-ness


That b.

Stop being a b.

You're a b.

You HUEG b.

Eric is a HUGE b.

[The b] / Eric

Tubbers: Damn, I was working with some guy on thing, and all he did the whole time was talk about how awesome robotics shit was. He did nothing else, including actually working.
VV: What a b

Levels of b-itude:
sort of b
kind of b
big b
gargantuan b

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Ansonisms Volume 1 - Dece  
03:36pm 15/04/2009
Absolute quantifier of quality


That restaurant was dece at best.

These fries are dece.

Eric is dece at worst at everything.

Big T:
me: how was reflection, I think you took it last semester, right?
QT: it's pretty simple you just write a paper present attend 5 seminars that's it, lol

Tubbers: noice
Tubbers: sounds really dece
Big T: I know
Big T: it sure is golly dece

Levels of Dece:
kinda dece
Pretty dece
quite dece
really dece
ultra dece
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08:39pm 21/03/2009
Got this e-mail a little while ago:

Hey Tom,
   Before I forget - what's your t-shirt size?  We'd like to send a t-shirt out your way :)


stephen lau | stevel@songbirdnest.com | www.whacked.net

Hells yeah!
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